Friday, November 07, 2014

Birth Mom Photo a Day 7: That "+" Sign

Day 7:  That "+" Sign

I am not sure what I can say here.  All I can recall was on that day when I finally decided that I should probably take a pregnancy test (after a couple weeks of feeling absolutely wretched) it was the scariest stick I had ever peed on and I DID NOT believe it could be possible.  In my haste and confusion, I left all the evidence in my moms bathroom. Lets just say, she found out shortly after. I know it was a huge wrench thrown in my family, particularly for my mom.  She tells me now that she suspected something was not right with me, even before she found out and her dreaded fears were confirmed the second she spotted the wrapper in the garbage. I tried to blame it on my sister but it was easily proven otherwise.

Its the worst feeling, knowing that you screwed up royal and that there really is no 'undoing' what is done.  You just have to go with it, and figure out your next move and FORGIVE yourself.  It doesn't do much good to consider all the woulda, shoulda, coulda scenarios either.  I learned the hard way that EVERY choice I make has a direct consequence. Good or bad, that's just the fact. For those that may need to hear it, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Seek support, educate yourself so that you can find peace in the choice that you make, whatever it may be.

One of my favorite quotes from Juno.

How Dr Seuss would have explained pregnancy.  This makes me laugh.

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