Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas In Our House


I didn't leave Braiden out of these pics on purpose. He was with Quinn on Christmas Eve this year. We hung out at home, ate hoagie sandwiches, watched House Bunny (yes, House Bunny, very festive, I know), and left cookies and milk out for Santa while outside the heavens opened and left a few inches of snow on us. It's a good thing Santa has Rudolph cause he never would have found us through all that snow.


There is actually a small time lapse here as Braiden did not actually get his "Santa" stuff until the afternoon since he was with his Dad this year on Christmas morning but no matter, they all did very well this year, as usual. Paige would have lost all faith in Santa had she not come down to find a scooter and a new hat and gloves as that is ALL she has asked for since October. Braiden is now on his way to ripping it up in our "Greatest Snow on Earth" with his new snowboarding gear- anyone wanna take him up cause you won't find me anywhere near a ski slope...California Girl. Thank goodness for community programs. Cameron has been constantly entertained with is little activity table and bowling set. If only they stayed that easy to please...

Festivities at Mom's House

We made the treturous trek to my moms house for breakfast and presents. As always, there was way too much food and way too many presents for the kids. But also, as always, we had a good time and we love Christmas at Mom's house.


These are a few of my favorite Christmas Decorations that I hope my kids remember as things that were always around at Christmas time in our home. I especially love my "card door". If you look closely you may see your card up there (if you sent me one). I measure how loved I am by how many cards are on my card door so I even hang up the card from my OBGYN office. Don't counts. So if you did not send me one this year, remember that. There's always next year.
I threw in a picture there too of what it looked like out my front window on Christmas Day here in Draper, UT. Wow! Winter Wonderland anyone?
This year has been a weird one for me. I have really struggled to get my self into the Christmas Spirit amidst all the changes happening in our world and all the economic "stress" that seems to be so prominent right now. I let myself get so stressed and caught up in the business of life and worry so much about how there is never enough time for anything that I forget that all of that means that I am so blessed. I am blessed with a stable job, a home, great kids, a hard-working, loving husband and a knowledge the we are watched over by a loving Heavenly Father that will not ever forsake us.
I love Christmas and how it brings people together to help each other and to wish each other well. I love the Lord and the gift He gave us by sending His Son to earth. Merry Christmas Everyone...see you next year.

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Band geek in the making?

This post is long overdue as Braiden has been in band since October but he just recently has his first performance. Considering that he has only been playing for a couple months, he sounds great. He can actually hear pitches and get the notes fairly easily. He really likes it and even if he doesn't do it for very long, at least he is learning to read music and those concerts are pretty entertaining. I have to admit though, is it wrong for me to worry about my kid being a "band geek"? I mean, don't get me wrong, I played the flute and did the whole marching/concert band thing and I turned out ok but I don't that shallow?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Call us crazy...we did it again!

DIDN'T I TELL YOU THAT WE LOVE DISNEYLAND? Southwest Airlines had a 50% sale so we made a spur of the moment, 3 day jaunt, to Disneyland with the whole family. It was so fun to take the kids and see their excitement at all the fantastical things about Disneyland but, dang, its a lot of work to drag 3 kids on 2 plane rides, on a 1.5 hour bus ride twice, in the cold and rain and with a 15 month old with an ear infection and TONS of luggage.

I love Disneyland at Christmas time. Everything down to the last little lamppost is decorated for the holidays. The parade is all about Christmas cheer and Santa is everywhere.

Like I mentioned, Cameron woke up the morning of the trip with a 102 fever, of course. We made a trip to the pediatrician, he worked his magic and Cameron was a new man in 2 days. He had a hard time at some points but we have a nice comfy stroller that was his new home for 3 days. he did enjoy Toon Town, however.

Made it through the mile long line at Small World to see the newly renovated attraction. This is the outside all lit up but the inside was 100 times more festive. Once again Disney has outdone itself. Every square inch was Christmas across the world.

Paige was a little trooper. She was so excited to do everything she could possibly imagine. I love this age. She will believe anything and everything she sees or hears. Braiden has endless energy when it comes to any form of amusement. He can be a little impatient when everything has to be toned down for the little kids but he was not in want of anything by the end of this quick trip.

We are taking a little Disney hiatus...for now. :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dear Santa~~ Love, Mom

This was my moms Christmas Letter this year. She always surprises me and writes something that makes me cry while I am checking my email at work. I hate that but I love her and her special way with words. Thanks Mom.

Dear Santa,
Am I too old to still believe? Because I do---let me tell you why.

I was no different than most young girls. I had dreams of a magical life—why wouldn’t I? I had a wonderful family with a houseful of terrific and crazy brothers and sisters. I had two of the best parents ever and a childhood full of magical Christmas’s. Oh how I believed!

The years following brought me many adventures---not necessarily the life I had dreamed of---but just as miraculous in so many ways. Four of my early Christmas’s brought new babies to share the life I was given. I believed.

Amy was my first miracle. A wide eyed baby that had a smile that never left her beautiful face. I remember her tiny little fingers gently touching the ornaments---so afraid of breaking them. Memories of the Christmas tree light sparkling in her big blue eyes. How could I not believe?

Bonnie was my second miracle. She had a smile that would make her nose crinkle. I remember her dancing in front of the tree with her arms spread wide as she twirled around and around, memories of her long blonde hair shinning as bright as the lights on the tree. Of course I believed.

Whitney, truly a miracle, the baby I was told would not come. But she did---and what a perfect sweetheart she was. Timid and shy she would stand and gaze up at the tree and point at the twinkling lights with the amazement only a child can have. I still believed.

My son Benjamin, the surprise after the miracle! What a joy he was, a quiet strength in a small child that brought peace and comfort into our Christmas. His homemade ornaments covered our trees. He would spend hours making sure they were in the most prominent place of the tree. He would write detailed list of the treasures he desired from Santa---with pictures! He believed---so I believed.

These children are gown now, Santa. They have incredible spouses and have brought five new little grand cuties into my life. Braiden. Abby, Paige, Bailey and Cameron. The Christmas lights sparkle in their eyes and shine in their hair. They point in amazement and dance by the trees. They are making their lists because they believe! They make me believe.

This year I broke my nails as I pulled the decorations from the garage. I brushed the webs from the boxes of homemade ornaments, now crushed and yellowed and replaced by new ones. I untangled the lights and threw away the burned out ones. I found the years of stockings from each child. They looked smaller than I remembered. I decorated the tree by myself. It’s still beautiful and glows brightly. I bought new stockings. Two---even though I am one. I guess I still believe.

I do believe Santa, for 52 years I have believed. I believe in the beauty and hope this season brings. I believe in the love and happiness that is in our lives. I believe in family—no matter what it looks like. I believe that the Christ child brought new life to us and still does. I believe that the people who have come and gone from my life were blessings that taught me strength and fortitude. I believe in laughter, hugs and smiles each day. I believe we need to still dance in front of the tree and point in amazement, we need to touch gently and make our list with pictures!----I need to believe. So I do.

We all need to believe.

I wish you happiness this season. May you set aside your fears and experience the blessings and love this world has to offer. Tell someone that you love them; kiss the forehead of a child and-----
*~*~*~* Believe!*~*~*~*

With Love and Hope always,

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Can you hear the Angels Singing?

Warning! This post is for Mommy eyes only: Deals with toddlers and potty training.

I just have to take this opportunity to share with the entire world that my 3.5 year old just pooped ON THE POTTY for the first time all by herself!!! Up until today she has expressed some sort of fear of doing #2 on the toilet so she will squat in the corner of the bathroom and mess her panties. It has taken all my strength and patience to deal with that for the last month but I am praying that this is a turning point.

Paige: I need some pricey mom (privacy)
Me: Ok tell me when you are done.
About 1 minute later
Paige (shouting): Mom come here! I think I going poop!!!
Me: Uh..really? Let me see. (Checking the toilet, sure enough...poop) Yeah!!!
Paige: I have a Barbie now?
Me: Oh ya, I did promise you that like a month ago. I'll buy you a car if you promise me to go poop on the potty all the time.
Paige: No thanks. I jus want a Barbie.