Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Little Man in a Big Mans Suit

Don't tell anyone that Eric was ever in a Raiders Costume! Heaven Forbid.

Yeah Dora!

Paige on the other hand, was so excited to see DORA! SHe ran to her and have her a big hug!

Go GO Dora!

We also made it to Universal Studios that week. Braiden especially loved that I made him pose with Dora the Explorer. He knows he liked it!

What a goof!

Needless to say, Braiden also had a grand ol' time at Disneyland. This is his 4th time there and I am sure it wont be the last. He had a massive amount of energy and just kept going and going all day long and still couldn't get enough. He wore us out but also kept us going.

Baby number 3!

FYI- for all who dont know... we are expecting baby number 3 in September. Dont know what we are having yet but when we know, you'll know!

In the eyes of babes

Paige was in awe and amazement when we went on Its a Small World. She kept pointing and saying "Cute" and "Dolly". It was so fun to watch her.

Braid and Paige at Sleeping Beauty's Castle

We went to DIsneyland in March and had so much fun. Even Paige enjoyed it. As you can see, we had to put a leash on her so she wouldn't run away. We got plenty of looks from people but it worked like a charm. We didn't lose her!