Friday, November 30, 2012

My nightmare begins (Braiden turns 13!)

Braiden is one lucky kid.

The 13th birthday party was easy:  a few buddies, pizza, cake and X-Box pretty much all night.  He picked red velvet cake.  Who is this kid?

Buddies:  Max, Trevor and Nate.  They are pretty good kids.  They haven't caused too much trouble as of yet (that I know of) which is the only reason why I let them keep coming back. 

I love this picture of Braiden.  He has cut his cute Justin Beiber "do" since then but I liked it for the short while that he had it. 

Remember when I said Braiden was a lucky kid?  This is b-day party #2 at his dads house.  More people, more cake, more presents!  I suppose I can be glad that we are all able to get along well enough to have a big party together.  
As you may have guessed, his highlight birthday gifts were his Facebook account and his cell phone (the 2 gifts of MANHOOD, right?)  Well, this is pretty-much the side of him that I have seen since then.  Could I not have waited one more year?

He's a cute kid.  Heaven help me.

Random May-ness

End of the year assembly for Paige, 1st grade.  Mrs Woodworth's class.  
Paige and her little girly friends are so cute. 

By this time Max was about 11 months old and starting to really pull himself  up on everything and cruise around.  Isn't he a cute little bug?
Did I mention that Braiden turned 13 on May 20th?  Well he did and this is how we celebrated.  All a 13 year old boy wants is buddies, pizza and X-Box. 

McCoy turned 2 in May!  Oh ya, and that's Ben.  Aren't they, uh, cute?

We took a little weekend jaunt to Mesquite with some friends in May and had fun just eating at the buffets, bowling and swimming.  Oh ya and eating at the buffets...


The first sunny day in April we took a drive to Mount Timpanogos Temple.  It was VERY sunny.  No matter what angle we stood at, it was so bright right there in front of that beautiful white building, we couldn't help be squint.  Not professional pics by any means, but I love them nonetheless.

It amazes me that this was only 7.5 months ago, but my kids all look so much younger.  I cant believe how fast they grow.  It scares me. Stop growing up!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Merry Christmas From the Ericksons

Sweet Little Label Christmas
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Its Bittersweet to say Goodbye

In early April we left our home of 9 years in Draper and moved about 25 miles south to Eagle Mountain. Why EM, you ask?  My sister lived there already and a home became available at exactly the right time so we decided it was going to be a good move for our family.  While we loved Draper as our first home together and we will never forget the friendships made there and experiences we had there, we are happy with our move to Utah County.

Eagle Mountain is the very definition of a bedroom community.  If you don't work a the Chevron, Ice Cream Store, Great Clips or a Mexican restaurant, then you are a commuter and you drive a good 20 miles to work every day.  We  have left the center of commerce that we once lived right in the middle of and honestly, while its a pain to get to the grocery store, I am starting to appreciate it.  Its so beautiful here and we can just enjoy being home without the hussle and bussle constantly around us.  And the view....stunning! 

The commute kinda sucks and I had to sell my SUV due to gas over-consumption, but I have actually learned to enjoy the quiet time in my car.  Life has been a big adjustment with the change it has created in our schedules, the changing of schools, the getting used to living a WHOLE 5 MILES FROM WALMART (vs .5), and missing our old friends.  Braiden instantly made new friends and just finished up a great football season with the Westlake Thunder football A team.  He is adjusting well.  

Life moves fast.  You have to bend with the change and that's exactly what we have done but that doesn't nor will it ever change the fact that I HATE MOVING!!  Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you look at it) we will likely be doing it again within a few month as we look at buying a new house rather than renting. 

Draper House:  Before and during the packing and moving nightmare.

Draper House during and after the moving.

Eagle Mountain House during the move. 

The great thing about moving is that it really forces you to decide what you want to keep and whats not worth moving.  We have unloaded so much junk in the last few months.  I am proud to say that our basement storage, outside of the usual holiday decoration boxes, is actually quite small.  We do have some furniture that we are storing for a future move but everything has a purpose.  No junk loading here and it feels GOOD!!

Easter 2012

Lehi Main St Easter Egg Hunt

Decorating Easter Eggs (in a swimsuit, that Paige for ya)

Easter Morning

Easter Egg Hunt at Bonnie's house (with baby Cozy)

Well worth the wait...

April 3rd of this year was a good day!  My sister FINALLY brought baby Cozy into the world after being pregnant for 42 weeks.  Sheesh!  It was long awaited and there were lots of people at the hospital when she was born.  She ended up having a C-section which was especially sad for me because I have not been able to actually SEE any of my sisters babies be born!  They have all been C-Sections!!  Oh well, I guess I have see plenty of my own.  

Cozette Kay Parry
8lbs 11in
21 inches

Such a cutie.  I am so glad I live across the street!