Friday, November 30, 2012

My nightmare begins (Braiden turns 13!)

Braiden is one lucky kid.

The 13th birthday party was easy:  a few buddies, pizza, cake and X-Box pretty much all night.  He picked red velvet cake.  Who is this kid?

Buddies:  Max, Trevor and Nate.  They are pretty good kids.  They haven't caused too much trouble as of yet (that I know of) which is the only reason why I let them keep coming back. 

I love this picture of Braiden.  He has cut his cute Justin Beiber "do" since then but I liked it for the short while that he had it. 

Remember when I said Braiden was a lucky kid?  This is b-day party #2 at his dads house.  More people, more cake, more presents!  I suppose I can be glad that we are all able to get along well enough to have a big party together.  
As you may have guessed, his highlight birthday gifts were his Facebook account and his cell phone (the 2 gifts of MANHOOD, right?)  Well, this is pretty-much the side of him that I have seen since then.  Could I not have waited one more year?

He's a cute kid.  Heaven help me.

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