Saturday, December 01, 2012

7 is (Build-A-Bear) Heaven

June is a busy month at our house.  Especially now that we have 2 kids with June birthdays along with school ending and usually some sort of family vacation.
Of course, I choose to punish myself every year and do birthday parties for Paige. I just cant help it.  It makes her so happy and I just love showering all my kids with attention on their b-days.  After all, these are the anniversaries of the best days of my life.  Fair's fair.

This year, however, since we had just moved and wanted Paige to be able to invite friends from her old school we decided on Build-a-Bear (bless their souls) for the 7th Birthday Celebration!  What would parents do without that store that makes it impossible to get through the mall without a tantrum?  Well, I am here to attest to the fact that it IS good for something.  The birthday party shindig was a hit and worth every penny!
The girl that was our hostess was a saint.  It took some serious patience to deal with our group and she was AWESOME!  Every kid came out of there satisfied and glowing with pride at their creations. (Front left to right, top to bottom: Abby, Paige, Rylie, Kiera, Megan, Baylee, Cameron.  Notice Cameron was the lone boy? Not completely uncommon.)

After the Build-a Bear party was done and paid for, we headed over to the bless-ed food court, had some bless-ed Chick-fil-A, birthday cake (thank you Walmart bakery lady) and present opening.  Who could ask for an easier set-up and clean-up?  It was perfect.
Paige was one happy girl that day.
A new bike from mommy and daddy.

The next day we had some fun cousin time and went to see Mirror Mirror (LOVED IT!)

Someday they are going to love this picture.

After... (the sign ended up flat on the ground).  Pretty funny.

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