Sunday, December 30, 2012

The rest of June 2012

We had a lot of stuff going on in June.  The months of May and June always feel crazy for us between all the birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, end of school, beginning of summer, and our mad dash off to some long-awaited/needed vacation.  
As you might have guessed, we ventured west again to our favorite place but this time we went with our good friends, the Webb Family (Chris & Amy).  We love hanging out with those guys, our kids get along, AND they share our love for all things Disney so they just get us and we get them.  Its nice to be understood.
We met up with them in Las Vegas for a couple days where we stayed at the Stratosphere hotel.  They even got me to go up to the top of the tower (which was terrifying, by the way) and we got to watch Amy's brother do some crazy jump off the top of it.  Yikes.

We made a little stop at my Pop's house overnight and hung with my other brothers from another mother.  

Even though that rat is obviously fake, isn't that disturbing? Ew.

On to D-land!  
We timed this trip perfectly to coinside with a couple VERY important dates, in chronological order:
#1:  The opening day of Cars Land at California Adventure (June 15th).
#2:  Baby Max's 1st B-day!! (June 17th)

For me, you know, the Disney parades never get old.  Even if I see the same one 3 times in a year, I still just love sitting to watch them and especially watch my kids faces as their favorite Disney characters come dancing and singing by, close enough for them to touch.  Its magical.  How often do they get to experience magic?

Some of the trips best Kodak Moments:

And some more:

This was about all I could get on Camera of the opening day at Cars Land.  As you can imagine, it was packed.  People were fighting shoulder-to-shoulder, to get down the street just for a glimpse of the place and we heard there were people waiting in excess of 6 hours for the new Radiator Springs Racers Ride.  Eh,eh.  I may be a Disney nut but I am not crazy.  

This actually worked very nicely for us because Disneyland was nice and empty!  
(Dont worry, we made our way back to Cars Land in 2012, post to come)

 June 17th was Max's 1st birthday so we celebrated by doing the character breakfast buffet at Paradise Pier PCH Grill.  The food is so yummy and the kids got to see all the characters they cared to.
Max got some special attention from Minnie and Daisy and his very own birthday brownie (that he didn't touch because he was so full).

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