Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012 (real time)

I know that I still behind on my posting and I do vow to catch up but I am tired of putting today's blog-able moments on hold just because I haven't caught up!  There's just no excuse and I am only going to create a perpetual lag of posts...so instead, I have decided that I am going to confuse everything and blog the present and the past, as I see fit until I get all caught up.  Sorry if this confuses anyone but this is my blog, so my rules.  The truth is, I am probably the only person that ever reads this anyway, right?  ha.  Well, the truth is, I do this for me.  
So here it is, in real time, Christmas Eve 2012 only a day after... please hold all applause till the end, and Christmas Day 2012 the day of!  Woot Woot!

We started the day with a massive snow storm out here in little Eagle Mountain.  I wasn't so sure I was going to get Eric out the door (he hates driving in the snow, or actually, when I drive in the snow) but we did leave and braved the drive back to Draper for our annual Christmas Eve Sugar Cookie Extravaganza (I made that up) with our group of best pals and kids from Draper.  It was really fun.  The kids decorated sugar cookies and made Reindeer Food while the parents watched, helped, directed and controlled the madness (there were 20 kids there between the 6 families..WOW!)

The question of the day: How do you keep little kids from licking the knife and putting it back in the bowl?  Answer:  Who knows!  We certainly haven't figured it out.

I love these ladies!  We have all been friends and neighbors for so long.  I am glad they still invite me back even though I don't live there anymore!

Reindeer Dust (a careful mixture of oatmeal, glitter and confetti) is especially good at attracting those magical critters!

Christmas jammie time!  (Braiden went to his Dads house the year and Max wouldn't hold still)
Max wasnt feeling so hot.  I hate it that he wasn't feeling good but nothing beats a super-snugly baby.

Santa knows how to party!!

Paige, Cam and Max didn't require any coaxing to get into the gift-opening spirit.

Braiden got home soon thereafter for Christmas Morning #2 and found his was around his loot just fine.

Then Grandma and the rest of the fam came over....and the house exploded again.  We are so blessed

I think this year has been a little different and sentimental for Eric and me because this is our first Christmas in a different house than our Draper house since we have been married.  It has proven to be a great one but still, different.  Who knows, next year we might even be in a different house.  Not sure yet, but things can change very quickly as it turns out.

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