Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some things I learned today...

Today I attended the Successful Mothering Convention at the South town Expo Center. It was one of those things were you walk around and see fun stuff and eat free chocolate and buy purses and hats that you really don't need but look darling on you nonetheless. he he. My friend and I had a good time and spent way more money than we should have (I won't tell) but I learned some great things about myself as a mother. Such as:
-I would rather go to a mothering convention all day and hear people tell me how to be better mothers and spend too much money than spend the day at home with my kids and husband. ;)
-I love to eat chocolate and will walk laps around a huge convention center to find chocolate that is free.
-I really DO NOT want to host a Slumber Party for fear that I will have to repent afterward.
-I look really cute in my new hat.
-I am not good at staying awake in mothering classes.

OK now- seriously- it was way fun and I heard some great speaking and saw some really cool things. Here is one of the coolest things I saw:
This website has some of the coolest Book of Mormon Hero posters ever. The depictions of these BOM characters are breathtaking and so inspiring. I just ordered the Lehi poster for my family room and the Nephi Poster for Braiden's room.
I would much rather see these in there than High School Musical or Sponge Bob. Go check these put NOW! The best part is that they are very cheap. The first one is $10 and every additional is $5. Such a great price for such and inspirational piece of art.

The next great thing they had was this darling booth that had awesome hats and flower clips for girls and women. I ended up buying 2 because they were soooo cute on and the prices were really reasonable. Go to
Next and probably the coolest for ladies like me that LOVE purses:
This is the greatest thing for girls who love to match their purse to their outfit everyday. A purse that has interchangeable outside covers. I am having a party soon because I want to diverify my collection. Go check it out.
That's all for now. I have been a total blogging slacker but I think I have just been tired after the holidays. I will get back on my blogging wagon soon, i promise. See you!