Sunday, November 30, 2014

Birth Mom Photo a Day 30: My Hopes for the Future

Day 30: {My Hopes for the Future}

My hopes for the future...
I hope that I will continue to heal and feel gratitude and happiness for my adoption experience.
I hope that other birth moms will find strength and comfort in hearing my story of closed adoption and reunification.
I hope that birth moms continue to find a voice and don't have to feel ashamed or afraid of what others think.
I hope that I continue to meet new people in the adoption community so I can learn from them.
I hope that to attend more birth mom retreats and other adoption events where I know I will always find solidarity, strength and support.
I hope that I have opportunities to educate others about adoption.
I hope that my relationship with my birth daughter continues to develop and grow and we learn how to navigate the sometimes-complicated waters of post-reunion adoption.
I hope that one day she understands my heart.
I hope that all my children continue to learn about all sides of adoption and become advocates for open adoption one day.


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