Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Birth Mom Photo a Day 12: Easiest Decision

Day 12: {Easiest Decision}
I always knew that I wanted to be reunited with my daughter when the time was right. When anyone has asked over the years I would always say, "I don't want to barge in on her life unexpected or unwelcomed so I will let her come to me." I had planned on that not being until she was at least 21, but left myself open to the possibility it would be sooner or maybe never.
When I was contacted by her mom 6 months before her 18th birthday and we felt out the situation, I told her immediately that my desire was to meet them. How could I not? I have never forgotten her. It is etched all over my medical records that I have not only had 4 babies, but 5. I have an empty space in my heart that I needed to but a band-aid on by seeing with my own eyes that she is happy and healthy and safe. I had seen pictures of her, but I needed to see her, hold her, talk to her...make her real again. I needed to know her and I needed my family to know her. That was, by far, the easiest decision.

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