Thursday, November 06, 2014

Birth Mom Photo a Day 6: My Happy Place

Day 6: My Happy Place

You thought I was gonna say Disneyland, didnt you?  Well, I do love Disneyland but, my happiest of places are the rare moments when I can get all 5 of my children together in the same place.  Its so amazing to look at each of them, individually and collectively, and marvel at how different they each are but how they each share some similar traits. Until we were reunited, that piece was always missing for me.  Something felt not quite right.   I live for the time when I can see them all be close to each other, particularly as adults, regardless of the different circumstances by which they were raised.

Its interesting how my young kids have learned to accept my first daughter.  I don't know if they actually understand that she is their flesh and blood, but somehow something must compute because since they "discovered" her, they want to know her, they ask about her, they talk about the next time they will get to see her and Paige is relieved to know that she actually isn't the only girl! Its all been a bit more straight-forward for Braiden.  He is old enough to comprehend the situation so after the initial shock, for some reason he is relieved to know that he isn't the oldest and, of course, they have a blast when they are together. I am certain that she is a good influence and role model for him.  She came around right at the perfect time for him.

These crazy kids are my happy place.

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