Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Birth Mom Photo a Day 18: Making a Difference

Day 18: {Making a Difference}
In May of this year I stumbled upon an event on Facebook for a Birth Mom Retreat that was being planning for July and that it was happening in a house up the street from me! I knew it was something that I was meant to happen upon. I immediately messaged the organizer to find out if I was too late to get in and I wasn’t. I then proceeded to send “friend’ requests to a ton of people who were involved in it. I had no idea who any of these women were, I only knew they were birth moms like me and that I had been led to them for a reason. It was just about the first time I had planned to be in a place with other women who had placed a child for adoption. I was terrified but very excited.
I attended, and it was awesome and eye-opening. It made me realize a lot of things about myself and gave me the courage to face what I was feeling then teach myself to heal old wounds. Since then, I have joined many other adoption related Facebook groups, attended a Birth Parent Meet up Luncheon, attended another retreat and recently attended a conference held by United for Adoption. All of these experiences have set me on a high of sorts. I love hearing other peoples stories and I am excited to share my experience and begin to advocate for the beautiful gift that adoption is.
I have a lot to learn and am still working on myself and many aspects of my own adoption relationship, but I know I have the ability to make a difference. I have already been approached by a couple other women who have had similar experiences as me and are feeling just a little more brave about beginning their healing and sharing process. I can’t wait for what the future brings and what opportunities are in store for me. I know that my test today will be my testimony tomorrow. 

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