Thursday, November 27, 2014

Birth Mom Photo a Day 27: What I am Thankful For

Day 27: {What I am Thankful for}
Its the obvious but most profound answer. My family is and always will be my saving grace. I have a really large family. I was raised by parents that both have lots of siblings so I have lots of cousins and was lucky enough to have all my grandparents close to me and a very influential part of my life. Both of my sweet grandmothers are still alive and I miss my grandfathers all the time. I am the oldest of 12 siblings, We are spread around a bit but I have been lucky enough to be able to maintain a good relationship with all of them, as best we can. I have lots of in-laws too that I love and am grateful for how they love my siblings. They all make really cute babies too. We have all been through a lot but we have managed to stay close. Family has always been important to me and they are the place that I run for comfort and safe keeping. I am so blessed to have good relationships with my family. We love, we trust, we rely on each other for strength in hard times and celebrate with each other in good times. I can't imagine life with out them and I am so happy that we get to raise our kids to know each other and to appreciate family like we do. I couldn't possibly make a collage that captures all of my family but this basically illustrates it. Happy Thanksgiving.

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