Saturday, January 18, 2014

One of my most favorite things

I love Christmas cards.  I love creating and sending them and I absolutely love receiving them.  I decided to do something new this year.  I scanned all the cards (that I can find) so I can keep them but not KEEP them.  I hope nobody minds...and if you send me one and you aren't here, I apologize.  The move caused quite the mess that I had to sort through.

Thanks for the love.

And here was our Christmas card this year.  I sent out like 45 of them so if you didn't get one, that means I don't have your address.

December Part 2

Its time to get back to this blogging silliness. So here it is...the rest of December 2013. 

Christmas Eve lights at St George Temple.

Looks like Santa has been here.

Christmas Morning...nuff said.

Christmas breakfast with family.

We packed up and headed north on Christmas Day.

Next Christmas celebration with the family.

Playing with Max in the tent.

We took a little drive up to Midway and stopped by the Homestead Crater.  How can I have lived here for almost 20 years and I didnt know this thing existed??  We didnt swim but someday we will.  Its a little freaky though.

Right down the road, the Midway Ice Castles were fun to see.  Its pretty much this gigantic icicle that you can walk through.  Its pretty cool (literally).  If you have seen Alex Boye's rendition of Let It Go with the One Voice Childrens Choir (Google it), it was filmed there.  Very cool.

December had LOTSof selfies and random faves

Friday, January 17, 2014

December...part 1

I have been avoiding all my December pictures like the plague.  Its time to finally post them.  As I was going through them, I realized there were like 465 pictures all taken in December.  This may call for 2 separate posts.

This was too funny and memorable not to post.  Braiden's first infant care project for 9th grade Teen Living class...a 5lb bag of flour with strict instructions (If only the real ones came with instructions).  All I know is that I am pretty sure little "Shorty" died in the first 24 hours.  She had no chance.

Christmas decorating in Grandma's basement.  We did what we could with our little space and the kids had fun doing it, as always, even though it was with one tiny little box of Christmas decorations.

Mother nature played a bit of a prank on us in December of 2013.  On the 5th of December it snowed in St George...and it snowed and it snowed and it snowed.  By 6pm that day, there was like 8 inches of slush all over the roads with no plow or shovel in sight....anywhere!  Nobody owns a snow shovel in St George.  Why would they?  It was nuts!!  People all over the roads, sliding backwards down hills, church was cancelled and people everywhere were SNOWED IN!!  It was insane and quite memorable. So much for moving away from the snow...although the 75 degree weather in January more than made up for it. 

Paige had her one and only dance concert with The Vault in December.  The Vault has kind of a different philosophy about doing dance performances where they do these concerts to raise money for a charitable cause rather than having the parents spend tons of money on costumes.  I really loved The Vault.  I hope more studios follow in their footsteps.

Paige and I discovered the Rainbow Loom in December as a favorite past-time.  We spent quite a bit of time watching YouTube videos to learn how to do these things.  Its was fun but I am pretty sure I pulled out a couple fists full of hair. We ended making lots of them to give away as gifts. It became somewhat therapeutic.

December 20th I went to my company Christmas party at La Caille. Eric couldn't go so Amy was my hot date for the evening.  It was a blast complete with photo booth, yummy food and all the Shirley Temples we could drink. Verisk really outdid themselves in 2013.  

Of course the highlight of the evening was that I was awarded the Verisk Health Q4 Outstanding Employee Contribution Award.  It was nice to be recognized.  I work for a great company that takes good care of its employees.
The next week we had yet another Christmas Party in the St George office (I got to double dip).

Delaney and the whole fam met us at Chili's for a little Christmas lunch

I just love this picture.  See the remnants of the snow storm?  That was about 2 weeks later.  A little rain storm eventually washed it all away.  Aren't my kiddos cute?