Saturday, January 18, 2014

December Part 2

Its time to get back to this blogging silliness. So here it is...the rest of December 2013. 

Christmas Eve lights at St George Temple.

Looks like Santa has been here.

Christmas Morning...nuff said.

Christmas breakfast with family.

We packed up and headed north on Christmas Day.

Next Christmas celebration with the family.

Playing with Max in the tent.

We took a little drive up to Midway and stopped by the Homestead Crater.  How can I have lived here for almost 20 years and I didnt know this thing existed??  We didnt swim but someday we will.  Its a little freaky though.

Right down the road, the Midway Ice Castles were fun to see.  Its pretty much this gigantic icicle that you can walk through.  Its pretty cool (literally).  If you have seen Alex Boye's rendition of Let It Go with the One Voice Childrens Choir (Google it), it was filmed there.  Very cool.

December had LOTSof selfies and random faves

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