Thursday, November 16, 2006

I love chickens!

Paige Halloween 2006

CobbleStone Gear

Braiden is wearing his uniform for when he occasionally gets to work at the family restaurant. He is a great dishwasher and he literally works for peanuts!

Braiden September 2006

Handsome Braiden. Braiden turned 7 on May 20th. He is in 2nd grade this year and doing excellent. He loves math (I have no idea where he got that) and reading.

First BONK!

This is Paige's first big BONK. Notice the bruise on her forehead. Since she started walking in June she has many run-ins with table corners. She loves climbing on anything higher that she is and this time it cuaght up with her. Ouchy!

Paige and her Radio

Paige has a radio that she LOVES! Its her favorite toy and she is quite the little dancing fool!

August 2006

Braiden and Moms self-portrait

Happy 29th Amy!

Isn't that cute?

Happy First Birthday Baby Paige!
Paige turned one on June 6th of this year. She shares her birthday with Grandma Betsy who turned 50 the same day so we all went out to celebrate with Japanese food.

Just believe it! Eric and I went to California again in August for my 29th birthday! It was so fun but shhhhh...dont tell the kids because we left them at home with Grandma!