Monday, March 31, 2008

Twilight Obsessed Anyone?

My friend Cathy Bitter is a total Twight Fanatic (See her Twilight BLOG at I can't say that I am as big a fanatic but I did love the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer (my house was a mess and my husband did not see me much for about 2 months while I finished the series) and I am very excited for the 4th book, Breaking Dawn, to come out as well (see my countdown on the side). So here is a really cool Breaking Dawn Poster that she found online and I had to post it. Very cool. Sick isn't it?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Fun!!

Don't you just love how a single holiday tends to start a few days before and just keeps on going? I won't even get started on Christmas but I think Easter is one of those holidays. I love Easter. It means Spring is here and that is always a plus in my book.
The adventure began with a visit to the mall to see the Easter Bunny. I have to admit that is was a little dumb and I think Braiden is growing out of the Easter Bunny but Paige loved it. I mean seriously what is the point of the big giant bunny? Its not like you get to ask him for anything. He doesn't talk. Braiden was not amused. He qizzed me the whole way home about whether the easter bunny and tooth fairy were real. How long can I keep up the show? Braiden is pretty smart. It won't be long.

Braiden and Paige got their Easter baskets on Saturday because Braiden had to go to his dad's house but I think we decided that we are always going to do it that way from here out. That way the bunny represents Spring and not Easter. The bunny has nothing to do with Easter. I never could figure that out.
Can I just say that bubbles are awesome. They are cheap. They Can be purchased in mass quantities at the dollar store and the kids love them. A bottle of bubbles will keep those two entertained for HOURS!!! Thats frieking amazing! PS they did get more than just bubbles but I forgot to take pictures of their baskets. Bad mom!

Cameron eats anything he can get his hands on of course so this is him eating his Easter present.

Cameron and Paige were in their cute Sunday best Easter morning. That pic of the two of them was snapped just as Paige dropped him on his face. It was very sad. She doesn't quite get that when she holds him that she actually has to HOLD him.

Sunday afternoon we went to Bonnie's house for food and Easter egg hunt. They have a huge back yard so it was really fun for them. There were a few tears shed as with all 3 years old in any competetive situation but no bones were broken.

The adults had a great time taking the eggs out of their basket and rehiding them (after taking out all the good candy, of course).

Bonnie and sweet Baylee (Bonnie is sweet too but you know)
Whitney and her new hunk a burnin love ( no he is not chinese)...
The girlsRod carrying in the loot. Little did they know that I went through and chucked half the candy... while eating all the chocolate stuff.
Happy Spring!!

Pretty pink tosies!

The day before Easter Paige and I had a little beauty session and she actually let me paint her fingers and toes this time. I have tried in the past and she was sure I was putting some flesh eating poison or something on her. She seriously screamed. I totally had her when I painted one of my own toenails and she just melted and was "ooooooooooooooohh"ing and "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhww"ing like crazy. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Well of course the nail polish thin didn't last very long. I think she has already picked it all off and probably eaten it. Is nail polish toxic? Hmmmm. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dedicated to a Cause...

So those of you who know me well know that I have a passion for supporting Breast Cancer Awareness. I don't know if its some fortelling of a future trial that I or someone close to me will have to endure or if its that I just love the color pink. Maybe that's why I am a Mary Kay consultant too! But seriously, the chances that I or someone close to me will have breast cancer are so incredibly high that I feel a real serious duty to do my part to support the cause. And actually a good friend and coworker of mine was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and just started her chemotherapy. You can read her story here. So I tell you that I am a sucker for anything that has a pink ribbon on it. If its to raise money for Breast Cancer, I am all over it.

So anyway, for that purpose I am organizing a team to participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure to be held in downtown SLC on May 10th. It has been named "HCI's Pride for Pink" which is so fitting for the fact that I love the color pink and am more than proud of it. The main people on my team are my coworkers in honor of Rebecca but we are opening it up for anyone to join. If you are interested in joining or just donating go to our team fundraising page here. My whole family will be participating. I am so excited. This will be the coolest experience. I actually did this 2 years ago and it was a really neat to see all the people with names on their shirts and the "survivors". And many who were bald and probably currently undergoing treatment but determined to reach the finish line. Its so symbolic of the difficult journey that people who receive the devastating news of the word "cancer" go through.

I found out the 75% of the money raised in local events goes to the local cancer treament and research centers and 25% is for the American Cancer Society. I cannot believe how excited and willing to participate people are so far. What a neat thing to be able to show our love and support to a friend who is fighting for her life.

I am so grateful for my health right now and for that of my children and my family. But if any of us should ever have to deal with anything like this in the future, I am grateful for good friends and family who I know would love support me through any trial.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cameron and Baylee

The other day my sister Bonnie came over with her little girls Abby and Baylee. Baylee is 6 weeks older than Cameron. You would never know by looking at them. Cameron just had his 6 month check up and he is 18lbs 6oz and 28 inches long. That qualifies in the 99th percentile. Freaky isn't it?
Isn't Baylee cute. She looks like a little elf with her little ears poking out. She just barely started growing some hair but before that she was as bald as could be. I had to remind my sister to put headbands on her so she didnt look like a little old man!
As you can see Cameron has not yet mastered the art of sitting up but Baylee was willing to lend her shoulder.


I love this picture of my little BayleeBoo. She has such an angel face.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What's in your purse?

You have been tagged! Did you know that the items in your purse tell a story about who you are and what your daily life consists of? So stop and go get your purse and a camera. Take a pic of your purse and ALL items in it. Don't screen the contents. BE HONEST! Then make a list and describe all the items. Pass this on to your BLOGGER friends. Inquiring minds want to know... Ok so once again I have been tagged but I thought this one was pretty good. Plus it made me clean out my purse.

Here are the contents of my new Kathy Van Zeeland purse (isn't it cute?):

Wallet: exploding with receipts (I am a reciept keeper), cards, coupons, checkbook, pennies, etc, IPod, Post-its with grocery lists and coworker Mary Kay orders, Paystub from 3 pay periods ago, makeup bag with four different shades of MK lipgloss/lipstick, blush, compact mirror, Pair of Cameron's socks, Paige's blue haired fairy doll, Satin Hands Lotion, Ibuprofen, travel size Lysol (I am a germ freak), pens, picture of Kathy Van Zeeland's new purse I want (it's a sickness), Weight Watchers Points Calculator, gum, sunglasses, card key for work, this morning's protein shake tupperware container, keys. It's amazing how much a person can cram into one little space.

So there you have it. Not too shameful. Truth is I just changed to a new purse 5 days ago so it was much worse. It's your turn...

Monday, March 03, 2008

It's Official...The results are in. This announcement was sent out to all subscribers of Pizza Today Magazine!

February 27, 2008

International Pizza Expo
The World's Largest and Oldest Pizza Tradeshow!
Las Vegas Convention Center
April 1 - 3, 2008

Pizza Festiva - The Results Are In

After careful, deliberate review, a most difficult decision was made and the field was narrowed down. This year's entries into Pizza Festiva were the best ever and the most difficult to select. You responded in record numbers and the following finalists have been notified that they will compete at International Pizza Expo for a grand prize of $5,000 and the title of World's Best Gourmet Pizza.

Betsy Bates, owner of CobbleStone Cafe and Pizzeria in American Fork, Utah - her entry is called Macho Nacho. Betsy operates a family-owned business and this is her first time to enter Pizza Festiva.

Raffaele Brotzu, owner of Delizioso Cafe in Perth, Western Australia - his entry is a Mushroom Trio Pizza. Raffaele is the winner of Dairy Farmers' Best of the Best Pizza Contest, a sanctioned pre-qualified Pizza Festiva event.

John Gutekanst, owner of Avalanche Pizza in Athens, Ohio - his entry, Pesto Chicken Pizza, is one of his best sellers. John is no stranger to Pizza Festiva having made the finals in 2004 also.

Theo Kalogeracos, owner of Little Caesars Pizzeria in Perth, Western Australia - his entry is called Greek Lamb Pizza. This is Theo's first time to compete in Pizza Festiva, but he was the winner of the first Italian Chef Wars in 2006.

Dave Schy, vice president of R&D for Figaro's International in Salem, Oregon - his entry is Pepperoni Latino Pizza. This is Dave's first time to enter Pizza Festiva and the first time a chain has made it to the finals.

Jeff Trevino, owner of Brooklyn Pie Company in Round Rock, Texas - his Chicken Chori-Queso Pizza won the Roma Gourmet Pizza Making Contest, another sanctioned Pizza Festiva event.

Paul Wilson, owner of Casa Ristorante in Ft. Wayne, Indiana - his entry is a Calamari Pizza. Paul is also the winner of a sanctioned event, the SOFO Foods Pizza Making Contest.

Dave Winchester, owner of Black Rock Pizza Company in Sparks, Nevada - his entry, Poker Brown Pizza, is named after a camp on the immigrant trail and near several early mining settlements.

These talented pizza-makers will compete in the Elite Eight on Wednesday, April 2. The top four scores will be announced at the World Pizza Games Finals & Rockin' Party Wednesday evening. They will compete in the Final Four for the grand prize of $5,000 on Thursday morning.

Congratulations to our finalists and our appreciation to all who entered. This year's culinary contests promise lots of excitement and plenty of great pizza for the sampling.

Pizza Festiva and the International Pizza Challenge are sponsored by Pizza Today and California Milk Advisory Board. Hobart is the official mixer, General Mills is the preferred flour, Red Gold is the preferred sauce, and Lloyd Industries is the preferred small wares for the competitions.

Registration for International Pizza Expo is in full swing and there's still time to make your plans. Unsold hotel room blocks will be released on Friday, February 29, so timing is urgent for hotel accommodations. To register online (and save $10) and to book your hotel, visit

See you in Las Vegas.

Show Management

International Pizza Expo and Pizza Today's Northeast Pizza Show are sponsored by Pizza Today magazine (The #1 Foodservice Guide for Independent, Chain and Franchise Pizzerias) and NAPO - the National Association of Pizzeria Operators.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Say hello to Benjamin Franklin...

Last week Braiden sprung the fact that he had to do a "Famous Person" project the very next day. After a little bit of a rant on my part, we got it together and I helped Braiden do a great little poster and oral presentation on Benjamin Franklin. He had already been doing the research himself so he knew exactly what he wanted to say. His step-mom, Sarah, put together the cute costume (thank goodness) and he did an awesome job. His dad and I were extremely proud. See the following video!

Mommy and daughter day!

Paige got her first haircut a few days ago. She went with me to Kinzie's to get her hair prettied just like mommy. It was pretty funny because she was so excited to get her hair done. The lost willing child I have ever seen. She loves anything that has to do with being a girl. Especially hair stuff, jewelry stuff and make-up stuff. Thank good ness I got my little girl. Boys are fun too but every mommy needs girl time. Paige before.

Paige and Mommy before...

Paige and Mommy After...