Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Fun!!

Don't you just love how a single holiday tends to start a few days before and just keeps on going? I won't even get started on Christmas but I think Easter is one of those holidays. I love Easter. It means Spring is here and that is always a plus in my book.
The adventure began with a visit to the mall to see the Easter Bunny. I have to admit that is was a little dumb and I think Braiden is growing out of the Easter Bunny but Paige loved it. I mean seriously what is the point of the big giant bunny? Its not like you get to ask him for anything. He doesn't talk. Braiden was not amused. He qizzed me the whole way home about whether the easter bunny and tooth fairy were real. How long can I keep up the show? Braiden is pretty smart. It won't be long.

Braiden and Paige got their Easter baskets on Saturday because Braiden had to go to his dad's house but I think we decided that we are always going to do it that way from here out. That way the bunny represents Spring and not Easter. The bunny has nothing to do with Easter. I never could figure that out.
Can I just say that bubbles are awesome. They are cheap. They Can be purchased in mass quantities at the dollar store and the kids love them. A bottle of bubbles will keep those two entertained for HOURS!!! Thats frieking amazing! PS they did get more than just bubbles but I forgot to take pictures of their baskets. Bad mom!

Cameron eats anything he can get his hands on of course so this is him eating his Easter present.

Cameron and Paige were in their cute Sunday best Easter morning. That pic of the two of them was snapped just as Paige dropped him on his face. It was very sad. She doesn't quite get that when she holds him that she actually has to HOLD him.

Sunday afternoon we went to Bonnie's house for food and Easter egg hunt. They have a huge back yard so it was really fun for them. There were a few tears shed as with all 3 years old in any competetive situation but no bones were broken.

The adults had a great time taking the eggs out of their basket and rehiding them (after taking out all the good candy, of course).

Bonnie and sweet Baylee (Bonnie is sweet too but you know)
Whitney and her new hunk a burnin love ( no he is not chinese)...
The girlsRod carrying in the loot. Little did they know that I went through and chucked half the candy... while eating all the chocolate stuff.
Happy Spring!!


Brenda said...

Fabulous! I love her Easter dress! I force fed my kiddies all the candy so I wouldn't eat it. Some survived though and I couldn't NOT eat it right?

Pabst Family said...

Wow!It looks like you guys had a wonderful Easter. I can't believe you took them to see the big bunny. You are quite adventerous!

devri said...

don't know if you have checked my blog lately, but if you haven't known, chantelle's husband Zack has lukemia. they need a prayer. thanks by the way way cute photos!!!!