Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cameron and Baylee

The other day my sister Bonnie came over with her little girls Abby and Baylee. Baylee is 6 weeks older than Cameron. You would never know by looking at them. Cameron just had his 6 month check up and he is 18lbs 6oz and 28 inches long. That qualifies in the 99th percentile. Freaky isn't it?
Isn't Baylee cute. She looks like a little elf with her little ears poking out. She just barely started growing some hair but before that she was as bald as could be. I had to remind my sister to put headbands on her so she didnt look like a little old man!
As you can see Cameron has not yet mastered the art of sitting up but Baylee was willing to lend her shoulder.


I love this picture of my little BayleeBoo. She has such an angel face.


burton said...

How sweet they are both so cute!

Brenda said...

So cute! There's nothing better than cousins around the same age! Cameron is so huge! Abby weighed 19 lbs. 10 oz. on her year appt. Maybe he's not so huge as Abby is just a shrimp?

Whitney said...

hey sista.. they are so freakin cute! When Baylee and Cam are older they can hook their friends up with eachother!!! yes!!!