Thursday, May 18, 2006

A is for Amy at Disneyland! Yeah!

Rasta Mon!


Eric and Braiden riding the "spin and barf" in California Adventure. Notice that mom is behind the camera on safe and solid ground!

Dont ask what Braiden is doing in this picture. Maybe he saw a really cool ant on the ground or something...

Happy Mother's Day

Braiden and Paige May 2006

Welcome Little Bro

Ben came home from his mission in Melbourne, Australia on May 10th, 2006. We were all so excited to see his bright shiny smile. Welcome home Ben!

Braiden and Best Bud Kobe

Ahhh..The happiest place on earth

Easter Best

Paige looked so cute in her Easter dress. I made her wear it all day. Smile Baby!

Pretty Girls

Abby and Paige are already becoming the best of little girlfriends! Abby loves to try to poke out Paiges eyes and use her for a step stool. Now thats sisterly love.
The girls on Easter Sanday! Bonnie had us all over to her house for some mean casserole and egg hunting!

To each a different hat

Whitney was kind enough to come to Disneyland with us to be our "babysitter". We really had to twist her arm be she finally surrendered. We had a blast!