Friday, November 30, 2012

Random May-ness

End of the year assembly for Paige, 1st grade.  Mrs Woodworth's class.  
Paige and her little girly friends are so cute. 

By this time Max was about 11 months old and starting to really pull himself  up on everything and cruise around.  Isn't he a cute little bug?
Did I mention that Braiden turned 13 on May 20th?  Well he did and this is how we celebrated.  All a 13 year old boy wants is buddies, pizza and X-Box. 

McCoy turned 2 in May!  Oh ya, and that's Ben.  Aren't they, uh, cute?

We took a little weekend jaunt to Mesquite with some friends in May and had fun just eating at the buffets, bowling and swimming.  Oh ya and eating at the buffets...

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