Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas In Our House


I didn't leave Braiden out of these pics on purpose. He was with Quinn on Christmas Eve this year. We hung out at home, ate hoagie sandwiches, watched House Bunny (yes, House Bunny, very festive, I know), and left cookies and milk out for Santa while outside the heavens opened and left a few inches of snow on us. It's a good thing Santa has Rudolph cause he never would have found us through all that snow.


There is actually a small time lapse here as Braiden did not actually get his "Santa" stuff until the afternoon since he was with his Dad this year on Christmas morning but no matter, they all did very well this year, as usual. Paige would have lost all faith in Santa had she not come down to find a scooter and a new hat and gloves as that is ALL she has asked for since October. Braiden is now on his way to ripping it up in our "Greatest Snow on Earth" with his new snowboarding gear- anyone wanna take him up cause you won't find me anywhere near a ski slope...California Girl. Thank goodness for community programs. Cameron has been constantly entertained with is little activity table and bowling set. If only they stayed that easy to please...

Festivities at Mom's House

We made the treturous trek to my moms house for breakfast and presents. As always, there was way too much food and way too many presents for the kids. But also, as always, we had a good time and we love Christmas at Mom's house.


These are a few of my favorite Christmas Decorations that I hope my kids remember as things that were always around at Christmas time in our home. I especially love my "card door". If you look closely you may see your card up there (if you sent me one). I measure how loved I am by how many cards are on my card door so I even hang up the card from my OBGYN office. Don't counts. So if you did not send me one this year, remember that. There's always next year.
I threw in a picture there too of what it looked like out my front window on Christmas Day here in Draper, UT. Wow! Winter Wonderland anyone?
This year has been a weird one for me. I have really struggled to get my self into the Christmas Spirit amidst all the changes happening in our world and all the economic "stress" that seems to be so prominent right now. I let myself get so stressed and caught up in the business of life and worry so much about how there is never enough time for anything that I forget that all of that means that I am so blessed. I am blessed with a stable job, a home, great kids, a hard-working, loving husband and a knowledge the we are watched over by a loving Heavenly Father that will not ever forsake us.
I love Christmas and how it brings people together to help each other and to wish each other well. I love the Lord and the gift He gave us by sending His Son to earth. Merry Christmas Everyone...see you next year.

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Ashton said...

The picture of Cameron drinking the big gulp is classic!

Carrie said...

What a fun Christmas you had. I am with you with the whole I am loved by the amount of cards we get each year. It is one of my favorite things about the holiday. I loved yours BTW. Oh, and where did you get those stockings? Are those Pottery Barn?

girltrapped said...

looks like a great christmas! wow, i can't believe it really snows like that, guess i'm just an arizonan - don't know if i could do it. but it sure is beautiful!!