Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We are on the other side of the USA!! Day 1 Adventures!!

I am writing this post from the Internet office of the Embassy Suites in Orlando, Florida. I brought my laptop and fully intended to post everyday the we are here so that I would not have to do a huge catch up post when I get back with pics and all but I found out that to have wireless in the rooms is $10 a day!! WHAT? Can you say rip-off? I am a total believer that Internet should be free to all. So anyway, here I am in the public business office trying to post and check email really fast.

Lowdown on the trip so far:

The travel day here was good. Long but uneventful an in the world of flying, uneventful is very good. We left SLC at 1pm. Arrived in Denver @ 2:30. Left Denver @ 4:50pm. Arrived in Orlando @ 10:30pm. Got to hotel and checked-in by 11:30pm. Got Paige and Braiden settled down by 12:30am. Barely fell asleep at 2am to be awakened by seriously loud, screeching, high-pitched, nightmarish noise @ 2:15am. Looked out of room to see entire hotel evacuating to parking lot. Got out to parking lot with half-asleep kids by 2:30am. Sat in parking lot for 15 minutes with lots of angry people while the fire dept checked things out. Got the OK that all was clear and stood in line for 15 mins to get back up elevator to the 6th floor and get riled up kids BACK in bed by 3am. Whew.

We got up at 9:30 this morning and went to the pool and swam for a little while. That was very fun. It's a good thing they have a free soda fountain or I would have been really ticked about last night.

Guess what!? Florida is very humid and hot. I can truly appreciate the dry weather in Utah now after having been here for 24 hours. Anything for a little Disney, right? I am sooooo glad that we left little Cameron at home with his Aunt. He would have had a terrible day today in the heat.

We did make it to Disney's Hollywood Studios today and saw Playhouse Disney and some other fun stuff. Whitney and I went to Downtown Disney. Guess what else we learned? Nothing is close by or easy to get to around here. This place is huge. I thought I was the expert but this plaec has humbled me.

Now I am very tired and ready to rest my weary feet so we can get up and do it again tomorrow.

Let's pray for no fire alarms tonight!! Maybe tomorrow you will get some pics if I break down and decide to pay for Internet in my room. Hasta manana!

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Tamara said...

That is crazy. You are brave to go to Florida in June. I miss you guys!!!