Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Paigey is 3!!

Why on earth would I put that picture on the Internet for the world to see, you ask? Because I am proud to say the the giant beach ball did eventually go away.

So May and June are busy birthday months for the Ericksons. 3 years ago to day I had a 4 day old beautiful baby girl and I was seeing pink like you would not believe. I was, and am still, so happy to have my little girl. Boys are fun but I love having a girl. She is a little mirror image of me (so y mom says) and she brings such a special sweet spirit into our home.

Paige was born after 12 hours of labor @ 10:30pm. I remember that I was soooo hungry that Eric went to Subway and got me a foot long sandwich and I scarfed the whole thing and practically fell asleep with it still in my mouth. Paige's labor was fairly smooth but was just really long. My due date was not actually until June 9th but Dr Yamishiro agreed to induce me early as I was more than ready. So we got the hospital at 6am sharp and I guess there was a full moon that night or something because the entire L&D floor was full. So I went home with head hung low and sobbing. They did call us back, however, about 3 hours later so my sorrow did not last too long. (Scroll back to the top pic and you will understand why I was sobbing. I was GINORMOUS!)
Well, she finally came to an audience of 6 people including my mom, my 2 sisters, my mother in law and my sis in-law, and Eric. I apparently put on a really good show because they were all in tears. She finally came and weighed 8lbs 12oz. Does that explain anything about the huge belly?
From Day one Paige has been the happiest, smiliest, sweetest little thing ever. I have been blessed to have all happy smiley babies so far but Paige by far stole every ones hearts.
Even when she got "bonked" she had a smile on her face. Nice bruise.
My favorite moments with my children by far are when they are sleeping and dreaming about things that make them feel happy and safe and I can watch them and just enjoy their sweet faces.

Paige's birthday was kicked off by a lunch at the place of her choice which was of course, "McDonaldDucks". I am not sure if she even really cares that they sell food there. She just likes playing.
Cameron enjoyed the fries.
This was my attempt at tucking Paige in that night. We all squeezed ourselves into her toddler size bed and played hide and seek from Daddy. I am so irresponsible!!
Paige helped Daddy pick all the lovely Dandelions off the lawn the next day.

We had a joint family party for Paige and my mom that day since Paige was born on my moms 49th bday. So my mom will forever get a Hello Kitty or Princess cake from here out. Even Baylee was partying like a rock-star.
Paige was showered with presents mostly of the Princess and Tinkerbell kind. She was not even sure what to do with it all.
Barbies Barbies Galore!!
Paige wanted nothing but fun-fetti heart shaped cakes for her birthday. Your wish is my command (But only on your birthday!)

Paige got a new Red Radioflyer wagon. This present was the hit of the evening. It has little seat belts and even drink holders!!

Happy Birthday Baby!!

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Carrie said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Paige!