Sunday, June 22, 2008

One of my favorite things

So this is a little random compared to my regular posts but today I was searching for the perfect wall art for Paige's bedroom and I found these darling prints by illustrator Alison Jay . Most of her work is in children's Books but I thought that these were so cute.
I had to get on Amazon and look for her books and I ended up buying Alice in Wonderland for Paige. It is so cute.

As a side note: I did not buy all or any of them for that matter. I just thought these were great. I still have not found the right picture for Paige's room that I would like to do in a fun circus theme. Any suggestions?


devri said...

sorry no help here, but I love the last photo, and once I saw a underwater fishy type circus, I loved it.. maybe since going to sea world, you could play off that..

devri said...

ps. Circus? What ever happend to the Princess theme?