Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 2 in Orlando: Wild Animal Kingdom

So as you can guess I decided to pay the dinero and post my pics. These are beginning from yesterday. This was in the Orlando Airport. We decided to kick-off the tourism with a pic in the airport. This was perfect timing because I think that Paige was beginning to not believe that we were going where Mickey Mouse was since the plane trip was so long. (Sorry for the sideways pic)

Paige was absolutely taken by Snow White as you can see my the look on her face. This was also in the airport.

Ok. I am guilty of putting my 3 year old in a "bikini". Eric looked at me sideways when I bought this last year at Wal-Mart. Doesn't she look cute? We just got her those floaties and she has developed a dangerous confidence by being able to just jump into the pool. One of these days she is going to jump in and forget to put the floaties on first.
The hotel has a great pool with a kiddie wader and an indoor area. We were out there for about 30 minutes and I got burnt. I put 70 SPF sunblock on everyone else but forgot to put it on myself. Luckily at the first feeling of over exposure I went in so I an not a lobster. There is nothing worse than getting fried the first day of vacation.

As you may have noticed, most of the pics with me in them are taken as self-portraits since I am the camera operator. This is at Playhouse Disney.

Yesterday we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios Park and saw Playhouse Disney and other movie related attractions. Playhouse Disney is a must see for those who have little kids that watch the Disney channel. Paige was in awe at first sight of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang. This is her with Leo from Little Einsteins.

Today we made our way to Disney's Wild Animal Kingdom. This was so fun! The kids have never been able to see this many characters as they did today. They were everywhere and so easy to see. The first of the day was Flick.

This recycle bid was talking to Braiden outside of the conservation station. This was pretty clever. Braiden was a little surprised I thinkbut then afterward he claimed he "knew it was not real mom". He spotted the guy in the croud that was taking into a microphone and controlling the motions. Nothing gets by him.

Tired and waiting in line.
Braiden got pulled up to participate in the Lion King show (my favorite, by the way). I love the Lion King so this was particularly exciting for me. I may have been the only adult inthe audience singing full blast to all the music. Hmmm, or not. Braiden was very proud to be up there. He always tells me that he wants to learn to sing and dance so this was a new thing for him. I think he may have changed his mind though.

Donald Duck
Goofy and the fam (the one in the hat is Goofy) hehe.

Whitney and Amy in front of the Tree of Life and at the end of the day. I got soaked on the wild rapids ride so I was ready to get out of there and change my wet bum.

What will we do tomorrow? Its a mystery...stay tuned.


Brenda said...

Looks like so much fun! Keep us posted!

devri said...

wow I am jelous once again, could you please pretend in one photo that you aren't having a good time at least so I can feel alittle better.. Don't forget to put sunscreen on, my kids don't bur... us darn whities!!!