Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 3 in Orlando: Epcot Adventures!

Today was day number 3 which was dedicated to our journey to Epcot. We had mixed feelings about going there in the first place because alot of people told me that it was not that great and that the kids would hate it. Well I am glad that we decided to develop our own opinions because it was actually pretty fun. There were alot of fun, interactive, educational exhibits for the kids to enjoy and there were some great attractions as well. Braiden saved up his allowance money before the trip and he bought his first souvenir today. Can you guess what it was? No its not the striped shirt.

What is that giant golf ball thing anyway? I have always wondered so we were sure to check that out. Its a ride called Spaceship: Earth and it was pretty cool. It takes you through a bunch of eras of time and in to the future showing you the evolution of inventions and technology.
Also its just the Icon of Epcot.

Paige was looking especially cute today with her coordination headband and dress. She also was being a super stinker today. Her favorite game to play is take-off-my-shoes-and-drop-them-wherever-making-mom-and-dad-mad. That was just the beginning. This is what happens when we go non-stop for 3 days with little sleep and don't get Paige a nappy.

One of my favorite rides today was the Finding Nemo Adventure. It is VERY similar to the underwater adventure at Disneyland but you don't sit in a submarine. Then when you get off there is a huge aquarium that you can wander through and see all kinds of cool fish.
In the dolphon tank the Dolphin would come up to the window and do fun tricks for the people with the help of the trainer. There was also a shark tank. That was separate from the dolphin tank, don't worry. That would not be a fun show for the kids.

All in all, critique of Epcot was everyone needs to go to check it out and make up your own mind. My kids enjoyed it and I thought it was pretty interesting. There are also a couple fast roller coaster type rides there similar to Space Mountain.

Tomorrow is Magic Kingdom day and that's the one we have all been waiting for. We have an appointment at 10am to have breakfast with Winnie the Pooh and Friends. Braiden is probably the most excited about that. Not! Really he has been a pretty good sport about all the Princess and Pooh Bear stuff but don't let him fool you. He likes Playhouse Disney as much as Paige when nobody is looking.

Until tomorrow!

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jamie said...

That like like so much fun. I am jealous. We have eight months to go until our Disneyland trip. I love the self portraits. It is exactly the same with me but you are smarter. I just don't have any pictures of me.