Monday, April 11, 2011

Badly needed haircuts...

 So I am admittedly NOT very good at making sure that either I or my children get regular haircuts like they (or I) should.  When it comes to my hair, I have always waited to the point that I cant stand it any more then end up making a hasty walk-in to Fantastic Sam's or Great Clips for a $10 haircut.  Not that there is anything wrong with those places...or a $10 haircut, but I, inevitably, walk out less than satisfied.   I mean really, how much can you demand for $10? 

So I was performing my daily torture ritual with Paige (doing her hair, in other words) and finally decided that she needed about 4-5 inches of the hay growing from her scalp trimmed off.  I couldn't stand it anymore and neither can my neighbors. 

At the same moment, I see my sweet little girl, I mean boy, Cameron, walks in and that seals the deal.  How can any mother let their child get so shaggy? 

So we did what mommy does and walk-in to Great Clips for some cheap hair cuts.  They did a great job and my children walked out looking groomed and happy with hairy suckers hanging from their mouths.  Success..until about 6 months from now when they get their next haircuts.  Do you think that these are the stories my kids will be telling their therapists 20 years from now? 

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