Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Fall and gorgeous Wedding Day!

It is a somewhat quiet Sunday morning so here I sit at my table with my laptop while Cameron plays on the floor beside me with a toy that needs new batteries and sounds really sick but it makes me laugh that he loves it so much. I currently have a post wedding hangover- no not that kind, but the kind where you feel like you were at Disneyland the day before... I have a huge headache, my legs are sore from running non-stop yesterday and wearing shoes that I should never have purchased because I will probably never wear them again now that I know how much they hurt. My car is full of wedding decorations, the wedding dress is hanging in my living room and there is a huge wedding cake in my fridge.

Yesterday was perfect here in Utah. Since my sister had decided to get married on November 1st we have all been planning for the worst weather possible. Guess was gorgeous and a record-breaking warm yesterday. Everything went off without a hitch (oh, except a little issue with my temple recommend which almost prevented me from attending the ceremony but we got it worked out. Don't judge me. I make fun of people that don't check the expiration dates on their recommends before important events like sister's weddings but this one was an administrative error. No really, it was.) Whitney looked gorgeous, Ashton had a perma-grin, the kids were semi-well behaved and we all were soooooo happy that this would be the last wedding for my mom to plan and make food and cake for. YEAHHHH!! Not to mention we can stop hearing Whitney cry about being a 25 year-old OLD MAID. Ha! As I write they are off to their Honeymoon for a week of wedded bliss in Mexico.

I will post wedding pictures later when I have the strength to get up and go get my camera out of the car.

I am happy for you Whit and Ashton- there was most definitely a special spirit at your wedding yesterday and I am honored to have been able to share it with you. Take care of my baby sister, Ashton- or else! Love you guys!


Carrie said...

I am so glad you had such a fun day. I was thinking about you on Saturday. It sounds like everything turned out amazing...I can't wait to see some photos now.

Brenda said...

I was all excited to see wedding pictures! Guess I'll have to wait! I'm glad the weather cooperated for you and that you had a great time. Congrats to Whitney!

Ashton said...

I am also so glad to stop hearing the whining of the 25 year old maid. Good thing she talked me into it though.

Thanks for everything you guys did and do. It means a lot to me to see Whitney so happy and you guys had a big part of doing that on our wedding day.

Thanks again,