Monday, November 24, 2008

I am too old for this...

I have been quite the crazy concert goer lately so this post is dedicated to two things that at one time I thought I loved...and then I grew up.


(This is the most tasteful pic i could find of her)

November 6th I saw Madonna on her LA stop at the Dodger Stadium. Anyone who might be judging me can just stop "casting stones" for a minute and think back to when you wore leg warmers and giant bows in your side ponytails and rocked out to "Material Girl". Everyone has some memory that has something do with a Madonna song and I vowed that I would see a Madonna show before I died. The woman recently turned 50 (which doesn't sound that old to me since I am only 19 years behind)and even from a half mile away- she looks amazing and she sounded amazing. It was an awesome show and fairly PG-13. There were even cameo appearances from Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Kanye West. Very cool.

~Britney and Madonna. Britney was surprisingly tasteful and sounded really good. They sang the controversial song "I'm Not sorry" aimed at their X's. Very entertaining, especially if you have an X~

~Ecstatic Madonna Fans- or maybe we were just high...still not sure which~

~Do you see the resemblance? Uh, we didn't either~



Otherwise known as New Kids on the Block. Just believe it...after hiding for 15 years they decided to make a comeback and their tour landed them in Salt Lake City. Apparently, however, the November 15th concert did not sell very well because the only reason I went is because I got 6 free tickets through an email I received. Seriously- I would not have gone if the tickets weren't free but, honestly, I have to admit, that it was pretty fun. Made me feel young and REALLY old all at the same time.

Probably one of the coolest parts of the show was the opening act- Natasha Beddingfield.

I didn't realize that I was a fan but I love her music.

~The entire show as a highly choreographed and they changed outfits like 4 times at least. The white attire was reserved for the "I'll Be Lovin' You Forever" by Jordan Knight~

~I had to add the one on the left since this was where Jordan ripped his shirt off and danced around the stage half naked. Not bad for a old guy~

I was going to add video but I think you got the point.

Here is my official review of both:

Madonna: Hot to trot at 50 and very entertaining despite the obvious twisted political agenda.

NKOTB: Sounded pretty good live and the show was a great mixture of the nostalgia of NKOTB and today's THE BLOCK. Brought back many embarrassing memories of prepubescent swooning. Jordan and Joey are still the hottest New Kids.

In both cases, I have to's time for people to start acting their age-

including myself.

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Brenda said...

You crack me up! So I'm guessing that Madge drew more of a crowd than NKOTB? Thanks again for the ticket. Now I can say I saw Madonna in concert before I die, never knew I actually wanted to say that:)_