Sunday, November 16, 2008

Escape to Fantasyland- November 08

On November 5th we kicked off our Watson Family Disney Vaca to California. We planned this getaway a few months ago prior to Whitney's engagement. They set their date for November 1st and opted out of the family trip (heavens knows why?) but we still went with it and it was a BLAST!!
The trip was especially great for a few reasons:
1. My immediate family has not traveled together since about 2002 when we went camping in California together and got the flu together (lovely and memorable, maybe that's why it has been so long).
2. Jenice (My lovely SIL whose face is pictured below was a Disneyland VIRGIN). She even got a button.
3. My 84 year old grandmother also joined us and she had not been to Disneyland for about 45 years. (Qualifies as virgin if you ask me). They gave her a button too!
4. I saw Madonna in the flesh. (Like a virgin!)

Oh and I forgot to mention that this was a primarily ADULTS ONLY trip. Yeah!! Do we love Disneyland, you ask? Well I am not sure why you would think that since I have only been 5 times in the last 12 months and am an Annual Pass Holder even though I live in Utah, we are Disney Vacation Club members and half the time we go there WITHOUT our kids. I suppose you could say we are fans. There is just something really special about escaping to a land of fantasy. And since this trip hit right after election day-- we figured it was a PERFECT time to escape to another land. Agreed? Obama can't be EVERYWHERE.

This is Eric, Myself, Jenice and Ben our our way to the Disneyland Hotel. I think Ben was especially giddy!

The Disneyland Hotel is a really nice place to stay especially if you are a Disney Freak. Everything has reference to some Disney character...everything. Even the little shampoo and conditioner bottles have mickey ears. Seriously.

My Grandmother rented a little scooter so she could conserve her energy since there is no such thing as a short walk around there. She dang near took out a couple small children and ran over some toes here and there. Did you know that if you have a person in your party with a wheelchair of any kind you could get to the front of every line? Who knew? HE HE. Let's just say this was a VERY productive visit to Disneyland.
My mom was merciless on the Roger Rabbit ride. I thought my grandma was going to lose her teeth more than once. She says she had a wonderful time even though we made her go on all the rides with us. She was nervous but I am pretty sure she had the time of her life.
The Nightmare Before Christmas theme was in full swing and I love it. Its nice to mix things up a little here and there.

We caught Goofy for a quick photo shoot in California Adventure. I am pretty sure he goosed me after this picture but there is no evidence...or maybe it was Eric. Hmmm.
Grandma on her HOT ROD with her sexy shades. Watch out!

Yes, just believe it. We stood on line for about an hour to see the Princesses. I hear that is short in comparison. I am pretty sure the boys were hoping that Ariel was in her seashells but no such luck.

A highlight of my trip, as I mentioned above was that I got to see Madonna in the flesh. No that is not Madonna in the pic. The is my good friend Brenda that used to live here in Utah but moved to California to be with the cool people. So she came to the Madonna Concert with me, my mom, and Jenice. I will soon dedicate an entire post to the Madonna concert. I really can't do the experience justice without adding some video. Stay tuned!

Ben and Jenice on the Matterhorn.

Us at the Mexican restaurant in Downtown Disney.

Ben and my other brother from another mother Johnny being the children they are.

I promise the next time we go to D-Land we will take our kids, ok? I will not be selfish and hog all the fantasy filled fun. Don't quote me on that.


Carrie said...

I am so jealous! Looks like you guys had such a blast!

Nance said...

You guys have been super busy and it looks like you had so much fun at Disneyland! I was wishing I was there (In CA) for the whole Prop 8 thing, but in the end am glad I am not there, it looks like an uphill battle even though the Prop passed! Disneyland woulda been the perfect getaway!!

Brenda said...

I'm so excited your fam took this trip! But I think I benefited from it the most! Thanks a million times!

Shari said...

Super fun!!! Next time let us know when you are coming and we will go to Disneyland with you. I think we went once with you guys and your dad and you guys had on bright orange hats or shirts or something????? Any memory of that????? Maybe tha was with some of his other 11 children?????

The West Family said...

I totally want to make an adult trip to the DL, I felt guilty until this post!