Monday, November 10, 2008

Let's Back up a Little...

I know I promised Whitney's Wedding pics but in an effort to maintain synchronicity (is that a word?) I need to talk about her Bridal shower. We had this way back in October but I am lazy and easily distracted. There, I said it. So we had her shower in this great little store called "Bags that Fit" on Main St. in Lehi and it is ADORABLE! The closed the store down for us and Whitney basically made a wish list in the store so peeps could buy her what she wanted from there to spoil her rotten. Since she is 25 and practically and "Old Maid" she already had the home essentials that people usually would get a new bride so this seemed like a perfect alternative. Can I just say...JEALOUS!!! She made out like a stinking bandit and its not even her birthday. It turned out so great and I am pretty sure she loved it. How could she not?
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Whitney said...

I miss planning my wedding already.. don't you? haha! Ps.. that was an awesome shower!! Thanks for EVERYTHING!!! You did waaayy too much for me! But I love you for it! haha!