Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November 19th was Erics 36th birthday. Since he really never wants us to make a fuss about his birthday and always wants "a nice quiet evening at home" (I don't know where he lives, but that rarely happens in my house) we have had to improvise.
We have a little tradition where the kids get to pick out the cake, and bake it and decorate it pretty much all by themselves for Daddy's Birthday. Paige got to pick the cake this year and she picked Fun-Fetti everything. MMMMMMMMM!

Paige was very proud of her creation. We bought the "36" number candles but Paige found a box of candles in the cupboard that she had to put on the cake and guess how many were in the box...36!

Yup that cake was ablaze! If you look closely you can see the Kit-Kat in the front center that is on fire due to the lit candle right below it.

See the smoke coming off the cake- that's Kit Kat smoke. Cameron thought it was his birthday all over again and dove head first into the diabetic coma inducing cake.

Happy Birthday Daddy!


Brenda said...

That is one FONCY cake! Happy Birthday Eric!

Challey said...

What a fun idea! I loved how loaded up it was. Very cute. By the way, do you go to Lifetime? I swear I saw Paige in the day care the other day.

Nate Purdy said...

I would eat some of that cake!