Sunday, October 26, 2008


This is a quick hello to anyone who might actually read this. I am in Washington right now visiting my BEST FRIEND since high school , Tamara . I was here about this time last year too but they have moved from Gig Harbor to Arlington since then so its a little different scenery. I love coming to visit Tamara because she and I are so different yet so alike and its amazing how well we get along.

She has a little girl, Marissa, that is 5 weeks older than Cameron so I brought him along for the ride and they have had a blast. We took them shopping and tortured them all day yesterday but today they got to go to the pumpkin patch which Cameron loved. Uncle Mike (Tamara's husband) also gave Cameron a tractor ride today.

Tomorrow we make the trek down to Portland to visit our other friend from college, Carrie. We will be there for 2 days and we have so much fun together. It will be interesting to see how things are now that we all have kids in tow. I love that I still have friends that I had in high school and college. Only true friendship stands the test of time and change. I will update with pics and other stuff when I get home. Whitney's wedding is on Saturday so things are going to get crazy for the next few days. I promise, I will blog again one day.


Devri said...

Ya better!!!!

Have a great time, and be careful.

Carrie said...

I am so excited to see you guys tommorow!

Brenda said...

Have fun in Zion and tell Tamara hi for me!

Shari said...

I will be in town the weekend of the 7th-we would love to meet at the restaurant-check your calendar and let me know!

Nance said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I love your family photos- they are way cute! And I love your "Not going private" post, I am so with you on
that. I figure that is why I keep track of who comes and goes-

It's fun to see how you guys are doing so keep it up!