Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Music of the Night

Seen it? Well if you have not, to that I say "What are you waiting for?" Get a babysitter and go see it! We went to Vegas last weekend for a little get-away (without kids, mind you) and saw the Phantom at the Venetian. Very cool! I saw this when I was about 13 in LA and this was 100 times better than I even remember it. I snuck this pic on the walk out of the theater just as one of the ushers practically grabbed my camera and said "you can't take pictures of that!" Yikes. Sorry. I am innocent, really!
Right before Phantom, we ate at the Cafe Lux in the Venetian. Yum but wow!!! Huge portion sizes. That monstrosity before me is a single dessert. Eric ate it all. I didn't take one bite. Ha. Ya, right.
And then of course below we have the obligatory self-taken picture that I have about 4 thousand of. Love it.

Thanks to all the contributors to our weekend escape. You know who you are!


devri said...

First I love your updated photos.

Second, glad you had fun,

Third, I was not one of them..

Brenda said...

Yes! Phantom rocks! But it's still only #3 on my list of Broadway musicals. Les Miz is still #1 but Wicked truly gave it a run for it's money! Come see it!!!!! Glad you had a great weekend!