Saturday, October 04, 2008

Girl stuff, anyone?

I had to post the pictures of the big sale that I had here of all Paige's baby clothes. Our neighborhood was having a big multi-family yard sale so I decided to finally go through the mounds of girl clothes in my storage room, organize them by size and season and set them up in my front room to sell. For those or who might be wondering, yes, I want to have more kids and yes, I hope I have another girl but, seriously, you would not believe how many boxes of girl baby clothes I had in my basement. It was SICK! And let's be real people...if I have another girl, I will buy more baby clothes. I know myself too well.
So, anywho, the sale was a fair success. I had a group of early bird garage-salers who came and got alot of the best stuff first and then of course there were the ones who showed up and asked "where are the boy's clothes?" or "I'll give you $5 for all 10 dresses". There are always a select few who think they are at a flea market. Whatever people, this not Burger can't have it your way. Haha.
So, all in all, I came out after 4 hours with about $300 bucks to show for the years 3 years of baby clothes I had collected. Believe it or not, I still have tons left. Mostly newborn stuff. I will probably list it as a lot on the classifieds or something. I can't bear to just hand that stuff all over to DI. See anything you want? Let me know, I will give it to you for FREE...maybe.
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