Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What Happens in Vegas...

For all those who were eagerly awaiting the results of the Pizza Festiva Gourmet Pizza Competition here you go:
We went to Vegas last week, April 1-3rd and had a great time hanging out. My mom was there from day one working her rear off to get things ready for the competition and she did a great job under all the pressure. There were tons of people watching and waiting to taste the pizza as well as TV cameras from the Food Network catching every twist and turn of the competetors. But did she break a sweat? Oh no, she was smooth as a hot knife through butta...(butter).

Luke was also in the back running between ovens and getting everything ready. He was a huge help. There were eight total pizzas competing and my personal belief is that our pizza was the best. Really I am not biased whatsoever. I honestly think that I don't know what the definition of gourmet actually is. It must mean the freakiest combination of ingredients wins.
Cobblestone Cafe's Macho Nacho was cut after the first round. Boooooooo!! Some Austalian dudes (who knew Aussies could cook pizza?) won the first and second prize with some wierd "gourmet" combination of lamb, ,lettuce and mushrooms. Ick! Gag me. How do you like that sportsmanship? Well al that matters is that we had fun. Even at the Pizza Expo. We ate our way through that convention center and I can easily say that I will be happy to never eat pizza again. Ok, give me a week but you know how that goes. We also visited the regular mormon hot spots in Vegas. The M&M Factory, the Coke Museum, etc. I am surprised I didn't die of second-hand smoke exposure but the weather was beautiful and we did have a good time. We were certainly ready to come home when we did.

Check out the video. This is my mom presenting our pizza to the judges. She was awesome! So we didn't win any medals but hey, we made it to the Olympics. Darn Aussies...

Go Cobblestone!

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devri said...

I miss your pink, but your blog looks good. and can we say Beautiful baby in your spotlight