Monday, April 07, 2008


So as I mentioned before, I have a co-worker who is undergoing chemo for Breast Cancer and she has officially lost her hair. She, however, is beautiful with or without hair. For fun my co-workers all decided to find bald caps and take this photo. I would shave my head for real but, um, it's still really cold here. I need my mane. I though this was pretty funny and we had a great time taking this pic. Love you Rebecca!


devri said...

I think you are such an inspiration for so many people you should let everyone in the world see your blog, put it on a billboard or something, so everyone will look on it. When I grow up I want to be just like you!!!

Brenda said...

I would totally shave my head. I actually had the sissors in my hand the other day and called Trevor to tell him I was doing it. He convinced me to wait until he was home, then he sent me to get my haircut from someone who was NOT having a bad hair breakdown. Great Picture!