Tuesday, April 22, 2008

~Lynn Jay Lundberg~ My Grandfather~


I am wrinting this post from St George, UT where my Grandma and Grandpa Lundberg (mom's parents) live. I decided to come down here because last week my Grandpa had a heart attack that set off his internal defibrillator and sent him flying to the floor. His heart has stopped numerous times since then and his doctor has assured my grandmother that his heart will stop , and will not start re-start, any day now.
I have had the awesome opportunity to gain a strong loving relationship with my Grandparents over the years as they have helped my family through times of trouble and always been around for times of celebration. They have been "foster" parents to us at certain points and have always been an example of strength, love, and righteousness to those they meet.
My Grandpa, Lynn Jay Lundberg, has always been a man of many stories and of lessons that have changed and strengthened me in times of need. He is a spritually driven, highly educated, mechanically inclined, and well spoken example of a person. Through his work as a marriage and family therapist over the years he has changed so many lives. We would joke that he would never make a living out of this if he didn't stop fixing people so fast. I knew that if I let him, Grandpa would begin "therapizing" me without me even knowing it but it ALWAYS made me feel better. Through our growing up years, it has been a well known fact that Grandpa, as the patriarch of his family, had to show approval for any big step that was to be taken in our lives. He has met just about every boyfriend and girlfriend of a serious nature in the family as his approval has always been whole-heartedly sought after.
When I go visit Grandma & Grandpa it is always known that all gum is to be spit out, no loud chewing sounds are permitted. Remove all visible body piercings and cover all tattoos. Do not use the word "try". Always wear shoes and for heavens sake: "In or out, but SHUT THE DOOR!" If you know my grandpa then you know exactly what I am talking about.
As I have spent the last few days with my Grandparents, in their home, I have reflected frequently on all the memories we have made across the years. I am so amazed by the love that they have for their children, grand-children, great grandchildren and for eachother. They have been married for 62 years. What an awesome feat! They were eachothers first loves. This family has had a fair share of trials over the years. Each of their children has suffered in one way or another and through it all, there they were, by their sides to help and support in any way they could.
I look at Grandpa now. Today. This morning. And I see a weary man. Who is tired of being sick and in pain. Who sits and listens intently to Grandma and my Aunt plan every detail of his funeral. Who watches us clean and de-junk his home and get rid of his personal things, knowing full well that soon he won't be here to enjoy them but that they will soon become a burden to Grandma. I see him look at Grandma and already miss her because she won't be where he is going for a while. I see him worry that she won't be ok without him. I look in his tired eyes as I give him a blanket or bring him his dinner and know that he loves me so much. He is so proud of me and what I have done with my life. He knows me. I see him looking at the pictures of my children with tears in his eyes and marvel at how beautiful a posterity he has. I see him asleep peacefully in his chair and wonder just how long it will be before he finally does leave us. That day has never seemed far off but also seems like it may never happen. I wish i could make him better. I wish he could be with us forever. But I know his time is near and he is going to a better place to gain his eternal exaltation that he has surely earned.
I love him and I love who he is.
My Grandfather.
My Father's Heart
By Betsy Bates

The Dr. says it’s weakened
The heart within his chest
This never would be possible
I know my Father best.

He is a man of strength
His stride was never broken
Straight and strong were his steps
Complaining words not ever spoken.

He thrives on all there is
He is a man of knowledge
This man and all his wisdom
used the world as his college.

Its true as all will say
That never far behind
The man in all his greatness
Is his wife’s gentle mind.

The slowly beating heart
At the end of great men’s lives
Is just a way God prepares it
To hand it to his wife

My father’s love never faltered
He knew where it belongs
Within his children’s souls and minds
His heart continues to beat strong.

There is a part of him in us
The family he leaves behind
The hearts of all his children
Beat strong and intertwined.

The Dr. says it’s weakened
The heart within his chest
This never would be possible
I know my Father best.


Brenda said...

We're thinking of you, Amy. What a beautiful tribute to your Grandpa.

Whitney said...

Dang you!! You would make me cry in the computer lab at school!!! haha:)

Whitney said...
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Whitney said...

Dang you!! You would make me cry in the computer lab at school!!! haha:)

devri said...

Amy, so sorry to hear about your grandfather, it sounds like he is a wonderful man, and you have done such a great job tributing him. He is also lucky to have you as a grandchild... we will keep you in our prayers...

Pabst Family said...

Wow, he is one lucky Grandpa to have a grandaughter like you. You are amazing, Amy