Thursday, December 12, 2013 know what that means.


The witches don their pointed hats, 
The witches croak and croon, 
The witches ride their broomsticks, 
Away beyond the moon. 
The witches don their flowing cloaks, 
The witches stir their brew. 
The witches chant their magic spells, 
All the dark hours through. 
The witches stroke their big black cats, 
They comb their locks of gray, 
Yet when the first faint daylight comes. 
The witches hide away.

Witches Night Out always deserves its own post.  For the last 4 years, we have planned and plotted this much anticipated evening at Gardner Village where the witches come out to play.  I think my kids might actually think I am a witch.  This year, I switched up my costume a little bit and added a screaming skull to my hat, wore much more comfortable shoes and and managed to NOT fall on my face even it was a successful evening.

Witches eat sushi?  Why, yes, they do!

The Witches Night Out dance party is so fun...ok so the music is a little lame...but we girls manage to make it a good time no matter what. 

Love these ladies.  Who else can I count on to be completely immature when I need it most?

Alicia likes to sleep standing up.  Haha!!

Those would be Marge Simpson eyes...duh.
Yup, thats my eye.

So a few things I am reminded EVERY YEAR of at Witches Night Out:
1. I am not too old to dress up for Halloween.
2. I hate fake eye lashes and curling irons.
3. Its friggin cold by late October in Salt Lake.
4. People will always bring their kids to inappropriate events, especially in Utah.
5. I am super-talented at taking pictures of people and making it look like we are at the best party on earth...even if it could use some help.  HAHA!
7. Its impossible to find purple lipstick the week before Halloween.
...and last but not least...
8. I DO NOT KNOW THE THRILLER DANCE...even though when the music plays, everyone thinks they do. 

Oh, yeah, and I should really never let Amy have my phone unattended.  She has a selfy addiction.  (Love that girl.)

Till next year, my WITCHES!!

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