Friday, December 13, 2013

And finally...Halloween 2013!

Halloween was quite different this year for us...the number one difference?  It was like 70 degrees here in sunny St. George!  Next time I will remember that Max does NOT require a warm costume.  It reminded me of my Halloweens when I was growing up in California.  Always warm.  This year was also the first that Max was interested in costumes and trick-or-treating which made it quite fun.

Annual pumpkin gutting...ick!  This is Eric's duty. I don't touch raw pumpkin.  It literally makes my stomach turn.  I think its the smell. They turned out quite cute.

With the warm weather, its a tradition here for the kids Halloween parades to take place outside on the play ground.
My office-mates had our own little Halloween party, Super Hero style.  There happened to be 4 Bat Girls.  Great minds think alike (or shop at the same store). Ha!  These ladies know how to party.
Festivities started with a trip to a local car dealership to do a little trunk-or-treat. 

Max and I walked Grandmas somewhat desolate neighborhood and found about 10 houses with people home.  By the 3rd house or so, Max was completely into this knock-on-strangers-doors-and-get-free-candy thing. People were quite generous.

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