Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Peace OUT 2013!

It's New Year's Eve!!  Happy New Years to you and yours. 
Let's ring in 2014 RIGHT!  

Don't hold your breath for my New Years resolutions.  Sorry to disappoint but I have a strong dislike for this annual tradition.   To me, if it takes the year changing to set a goal, then more than likely it's gonna take the year changing AGAIN to actually achieve it.  I can't recall a single New Years resolution that I have actually achieved so this post will NOT be about resolutions.  Goals will come later.

I would, however, like to give a little virtual shout out to 2013.  Let just admit it...2013 was CUH-RAA-ZEEEE..and after the holidays,  I am exhausted.  Regardless, I have so much to be grateful for.
Let us reflect.

January 2013
~Braiden and I ran our first half marathon together at Disneyland (his 1st, my 8th)!  I am so proud of that kid.  I hope I can talk him into another race with me someday but it might cost me.

February 2013
~February had one major highlight that comes to mind...her name starts with D and ends with Y.  My life became complete  and my family changed forever when I finally got to meet this girl. In fact, much of 2013 has to do with her so he name may pop up once or twice. 

March 2013
~Eric's and my 10-year anniversary...celebrated with a family trip to Kanab so the kids could meet Delaney.  Super romantic, I know. We will have to make it up to ourselves on the 11th anniversary.
~Easter was in late March in 2013.  I just love this picture of the kids from Easter Sunday.

April 2013
~My brother Paul left for his mission to the West Indies. 

~Delaney turned 18 on April 11th and I got to spend a great weekend with them to celebrate!

~We announced our plans to move to St George. We actually moved out of our rental house and in with family in preparation for the move. (did I mention that I hate moving?)

MAY 2013
~My high school, college, lifelong friend Tamara came to visit me.  One of the perks of working for an airline!
~Mothers Day was especially great this year thanks to 5 particular people.
~Braiden turned 14 on May 20th and got to go to his first DANCE! (gasp)
~Delaney graduated from high school.  The BEST part was that I got to be there. The next best part was that I got to sit with her parents and WATCH her graduate (I know those two things are kind of one in the same but...humor me, would ya?).

June 2013 (Ready?)
~Braiden attended his first Pioneer Trek...successfully.
~Paige TURNED 8 and we had the COOLEST 8 year old cheerleader party EVER!!
~Max turned 2 at Disneyland!!  
~Eric left his job at Extra Space in preparation for the move.
~Delaney joined us on the best trip to California EVER.  She met my dad and went to Disneyland with the best Disney freaks that exist (that's us).
~Braiden attended SUU football camp.
~Paige got baptized!  Such a perfect day. 

 July 2013
~WE MOVED to St George officially.
~I started a new position at work that I love (things falling into place).
~Cam lost 2 teeth...tooth fairy going broke.
~We began our swimming obsession for the Summer. Thanks goodness Grandma has a pool.

August 2013
~Baby Quincee born August 6th!
~Braiden starts 9th grade, Paige starts 3rd grade, Cam starts Kindergarten in their new schools!
~I turned 36 on August 24th!  Surprise Celine Dion concert in Vegas!
~Lagoon trip with good friends!

September 2013
~Cam turns 5!
~Baby West joins our family on September 16th!

October 2013
~Hiking Snow Canyon with the Sandgrens.
~Paint-Balling for the first time.
~Braidens Freshman football team goes undefeated for 2013!

~Witches Night Out!

November 2013
~Amy and Alicia come to St George to see me!
~Snow Canyon Half Marathon-  PERSONAL BEST TIME!
~Quick trip with Whitney to California!  Dads house and Disneyland!
~Two Thanksgivings.

December 2013
~Braiden biffs the "Baby Care" assignment in a bad way.  Better luck next time baby "Shorty".
~It snowed...and snowed big time in St George. Snowed in, church cancelled...wha?
~Best Verisk company Christmas party yet (La Caille).  Amy was my date.
~Verisk Outstanding Contribution Employee Recognition Award!! 
~Christmas Craziness!! 

So here we are (About 15 minutes from 2014)...we made some big leaps in 2013.  We are still kind of trying to figure out exactly how and where we may land.  But we know that we are blessed and no matter what, we carry on and find happiness in these four faces (and Delaney).  They made 2013 the best year yet...and I expect it will just keep getting better.


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