Monday, September 19, 2011

My handsome 7th Grader

Braiden Wigington 7th Grade

As much as I love these over-priced, totally unprofessional looking pictures that are forced on us every year, I have decided that this is the last time I will purchase school pictures (how hard is it to center the frame for heaven's sake?).  From now on I will get my kids pictures done at the beginning of the school year as a group and individually.  It will so be worth it to have pictures that I actually want to frame... at least he makes the picture worth every penny.

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Jess and Jer said...

I do buy the school pictures, just to have them, but I just buy a simple 5X7 and then let them have their class picture, but I don't put them in frames and get larger sizes or anything, they always look so weird. Keira's last year you could almost see her saying "cheese" they way her mouth was, it was actually comical, and for that reason and many other I have NEVER bought them to put in frames, only to have a small keepsake usually to laugh at ha ha!