Monday, August 04, 2008

PROOF!! Everything I touch does NOT die!

This summer I have been on a mission to transform my backyard from a pit of despair to a place where beauty and life abound. OK, I really just wanted to see if I could grow something. So here is the photographic evidence and yes these really were taken in my back yard!! ~I LOVE yellow roses and the pink edges make them twice as beautiful!~

~Poppies are not bad to look at either. These ones are little troopers. Nothing seems to kill them.~

~Gerber Daisies, although simple, have always made me think of summertime~

This Monster is not in my backyard but across the street (that's my house in the top right corner). This is the granddaddy of all scary looking weeds. I would hate to fall into that bad boy.
Thank you for humoring me.


devri said...

I really do enjoy your blog, you are such a sweet girl, and holy cow, I love your flowers, we have pretty ones at our house but our children destroy them. poor flowers.

Jamie said...

Isn't is amazing when you actually get something to take root and thrive. I love walking out and looking at the flowers that are doing well. The others I just pass by. Braiden said I saw your blog and it looks so cute.

Leah said...

Good work with the flowers. They look beautiful! I love the weed