Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am NOT going Private!!

Since it seems that lately there have been quite a few people I know that have made their BLOGs private I just wanted to let the 2 or three people that read my blog know that I am NOT going private. I know the danger of internet crazies is real and that there are plenty of perverted maniacs that are searching for their next object of fantasy on the internet but really, of the hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, I am really not too worried that mine is next and as long as I dont leave my name, address and phone number here along with my social security number or my kids identifying information, I am really not all that worried about it. I just wanted to assure you that if you stalk my blog, you are welcomed to continue doing so. Just leave a comment for heaven's sake. It would really help my self-esteem! Thanks!!


devri said...

I am not either, and for heavens sake I am probably your mostest stalker evaaaa... I think you are so dang cute I can't stay away- now if only I could find out where you live so I could leave presents all about your house!!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

1030- arent you at work?! Hmmm. Ok I totally am so HAPPY youre NOT going private. How else am I suppose to keep up my blogger stalker habit?
Thanks Amy!
- youre own blog stalker. JW

Brenda said...

It's your fault I don't comment anymore. Dang Google Reader doesn't let me!

Jamie said...

I am right there with ya. Let the stalkers look. You look great!

Carrie said...

Hey Amy, I am excited to have you come up to the seattle, tualatin treak in August. Lets plan a really fun girls stay at some posh hotel and just chill for a bit. I need a serious girls vacation. I am so in!!!

debcny said...

Hello, just stumbled in here when doing a little surfing regarding blogging publicly or privately. I want to re-start a family blog and am torn on the issue... but, leaning towards just blogging public, and maybe posting links to photo-gallieris that DO require a log in... (if that makes any sense at all... )

Anyway - Nice blog, and beautiful family you have here.