Monday, May 19, 2008

Paige Catch-up post

Paige has recently discovered her dancing shoes. Every Thursday morning a friend of mine takes Paige and her little girl to a ballet/dance class. I have not actually been able to see them dance yet but they soon have a recital so stay tuned for pics and possible video from such occasion. She is so cute with her little tutu on and of course once its on it stays on all day. I can barely keep her from sleeping in it. She is all girl.

Paige also recently graduated to a new, big girl bed. This is her crib/ toddler bed.
This is her new big girl bed. Once again, love that Ikea. This bed is so cool because it is actually a twin size bed but it extends so that it will grow with your child. The mattress is specially designed in segments to make it shorter or longer as needed. It is so fun and so girlie. Might I add it was very reasonably priced.
Whenever people come over to our house, the first thing she does is grab them by the hand and say, "Wanna see my woom (room)?" Doesn't matter if its her friend, my family, or the home teachers, she is happy to share her happy room with all who enter our home.
This was taken last Saturday after I told her not to follow the ducks into the pond. We were outside of the funeral home at Jerold's viewing. Its a beautiful place with a pond and ducks and it was a gorgeous day. She REALLY wanted to go swimming with the ducks but I had to explain to her that all the floaty things in the water were duck poops. That got her. She's not dumb.
She was really contemplating following those ducks into the water.

OK, so the following 5 pictures illustrate exactly what happens when your 2 1/2 year old runs off with your $300 camera and figures out how to turn it on. She apparently had her hand over the flash but I found these on my camera later and I couldn't help but snicker a little.

Can you tell by the smiles that she knew she was smarter than me? I am a little scared that it might sorta be true.

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Whitney said...

oh wow.. like mother like daughter.. she must have learned how to take self portraits from her MOTHER!!!