Monday, May 19, 2008

Braiden Catch-up Post

Here is what has been going on with Braiden:
A couple weeks ago Braiden got a new bunk bed. Love that Ikea. This bed is perfect because its high enough to be able to fit his desk and book shelf underneath and also serves as a ladder for access to his loft (which is to the upper left but cannot be seen in this pic). He was sleeping in the loft but decided that it was too hot and too dark so since he has to share a room with Cameron for now (until he becomes brave enough to move to the basement) this bed will have to work for a while. The soccer season has just officially come to an end so I thought I would post some pics from this season. Braiden grew about 2 inches in the last year so he has all of the sudden become the official goalie. He loves it though and he is good. That's not even biased. Really, he is good!
This is one of those multi-burst action photos. I was playing with my camera and thought it was pretty cool.
When he is in that goalie box he is so focused on that ball and does not get distracted. See the intent look on his face?
He has really enjoyed playing for Sparta but he probably won't be playing for them next year because he missed try-outs last week due to the funeral and they didn't save him a spot on the team. The Nerve! That's alright. We will take his talent elsewhere...
Charge it, Braiden! (That's his coaches favorite thing to yell at the kids during the game. Pretty intense.)
Braiden will be 9 years old tomorrow and this is a perfect example of his attitude lately. I think he thinks that he is 13. I can hardly get him to smile for a camera anymore and those earphones are permanently attached to his ears it seems. For his birthday the only things he asked for where: 1. A Wii (ya right)
2. A cell phone (over my dead body)
So what to give him? NOTHING was my first inclination but he actually ended up getting a cool LEGO set yesterday and Napoleon Dynamite. He seemed to be happy with that.
Whew! Ain't nobody happy if Braiden ain't happy.
This was Braiden on one of his better moments (or after I bribed him to smile with candy. Can't remember which.) He really is a sweet kid afterall!

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