Sunday, May 18, 2008

Memorial Services

By reading the below posts you can probably guess why I have not posted anything in a while. I have been pretty preoccupied with things going on around here. My Grandpa passed away on Mother's Day. The very next morning I left for St George with my mom and on the drive there Eric called and informed me that his Uncle Jerold, whom he was very close to, had also passed away. Alot to handle. This all made for a VERY busy week. I enjoyed seeing family that I had not seen in a long time but I wished it had been under different circumstances. Braiden had a pretty good relationship with Grandpa so it was hard for him to see him in his casket yet I was so impressed by his calm way of knowing that "Grandpa is with Heavenly Father now, Mom. We will see him again someday." Amazing, the faith of a child. Wednesday was the funeral in St George and he was buried in Ogden on Friday so we did alot of traveling but I would not have missed any of it.

I badly need to do a catch-up post but I think it will have to be tomorrow. For this post I will show you all some of the awesome pics from my Grandfather's Memorial Service. It as so cool. Yes there were tears...lots of them; but also an overwhelming sense of calm and peace in my Grandma's house and at his graveside. It was hard to walk into the house and not see him right there, sitting in his chair to say "Hello Kid" in his deep voice. My mom and I had a hard time at that point but it soon got a little easier to walk in the front door after a couple days.
My mom and I at the viewing.

Grandma, Uncle Gary, Aunt Joy

Color guard at Graveside service.


The presentation of the flag to my Grandma

Saying last goodbye.

My Uncle Eric, Grandpa's only son, looking at his casket.

Lundberg Family

I had the opportunity to share a couple of my memories at his funeral. All I could think of to say was thank you Grandpa. Because I don't think I thanked him enough while he was alive. I know he knew that I loved him. But I cannot remember saying thank you enough.

Saturday was Jerold's funeral. It was also a very nice service. Eric and I have had enough of death and funerals to last a lifetime but were glad that everything turned out nicely and the suffering is over for both of them.
OK...enough about sad things. Until my next post.


Brenda said...

I was glad to hear that everything went well. Hopefully, you'll have a couple days to rest from all the emotional exhaustion. We're thinking of you.

Pabst Family said...

WoW amy. Such beautiful photos. I missed you and glad you are back to blogging. LOVE YOU!