Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving Madness

This year, Thanksgiving was at my house. We had an early lunch feast and ate ourselves silly. Thats what people so on Thanksgiving,right? This is the turkey that died so that we could celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanks Turkey. Gobble Gobble.

The boys came out from Cali to join us for Turkey Day. Ben, Eric, Johnny, Paul.

Ready, set, eat!!!

My mom and her "friend". Ya right.

The fam on Thanksgiving. Thats SaraJane in the mirror. Mad picture taking skills, right there. Haha.


Brenda said...

Do you remember the first turkey you and I did together? Yum, yum! The fam looks great and I love that Paige got into your make-up. I have a lot to look forward to!

Amy said...

yes I remember the first Turkey. That was fun. Was that Christmas? I should dig up those pics and scan them. Ha. Good times...

Helmer Rivera said...

hello, are you family with Elder Erickson(Dan Mark Erickson)? missionery in peru lima east mission , he served year 96-98